Food Solutions helps ;
  • connecting buyers and sellers of food companies
  • calculating company value
  • getting the deal done
  • financing it


We were food entrepreneurs ourselves before we were approached by merger & acquisition specialists proposing us to sell our food companies. We did. We sold and we bought our own companies. We exchanged shares and money. And learned business is not necessarily only running a company that buys and sells products. Business is also buying and selling the food companies themselves. We discovered we enjoy doing that. So we attracted specialists in merger & acquisitions to join us in setting up Food M&A activity. That’s how we came alive.


One half of our company is experienced in Food.

So we understand food entrepreneurs and the food sector, because we are food entrepreneurs ourselves.

The other half of our company is experienced in Mergers & Acquisitons.

So we understand M&A specialists, because we are financial, legal, accounting and fiscal M&A specialists ourselves.

We deliver Food Solutions to both the Food and the M&A sector.

What really sets us apart from competition

  • We understand food entrepreneurs, because we are food entrepreneurs ourselves
  • We understand M&A specialists, because we are M&A specialists ourselves
  • We are not consultants. Our main job is to connect buyers and sellers, get the deal done between them and ofcourse we will have to charge something for that. But in some cases we can add value by participating in the deals themselves or finance them. And if welcome, we certainly will.




Keep things simple

Result  oriented

Focus on interest of the client

Humor, and fun in work


Want to know more ?

Contact bgutjahr@fsbv.nl or call (+31) 6 55 72 42 02.